Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!!  We had a fun time going to the parade with Grandad, the enjoying our customary Slurpee!

Me and Jack

Me and Megan

Me and Kylie

Me and Grandad

Me and my Tweeter

Our Flag Family

Jack and Dan (and Dan's twisted moustache)

The kiddos got a front row seat to watch the parade!

Fife and Drum corp

Town Trolley

Me and my Tweeter

Walking back to our car

And then Squidgie stopped by to say hi really quick before leaving!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Malone part 6 - Micellaneous

Our family with Gram, who just turned 89!!!

Sam just bought this new motorcycle - it's a BEAST!  Dan took it out for a ride 2x's - I was terrified the first time, but he did great and had a blast!

Our kids loved getting to swim in Dave and Kris's pool!

Trying to get all three on it!



Our crew in the Little House!

Malone part 5 - The Farm

We had a blast on Monday on the Farm - we went out to see the calves, rode around on the Bobcat, let the kids drive the Bobcat in a field, Kylie rode with Aaron while he chopped, Jack and Dan drove the dump cart (because the fields were too muddy for the trucks) and more!

Traditional picture of the kiddos and Dan at the Calf Barn

Letting a calf lick his hand

Walking around the barns

She loved petting the calves

Sweet calf

Rubbing them on their nose

The kiddos in the back of the Bobcat


Our Crew

So fun!

My crazy conglomeration of barn wear

Kylie getting ready to head off with Aaron!  We were all dying to know what the conversation would be like in there!

Jack and Dan headed out

And a panorama of the Farm!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Malone part 4 - Canada

On Sunday, we picked up Gram and took her to church at Cooks Corners, then out to lunch at her choice - Taco Bell/KFC!  After dropping her off, we headed to Canada and Montreal for the afternoon!  We originally had planned on going Monday, but Dave informed us that it was Canada Day and might be crazy.  I wanted to take the kids since they had never been (Megan had been when she was 4 months old), we had some extra time in Malone and we all had passports!

Headed to Montreal 66km away!

We stopped on the way at Tim Horton's for a potty break and to purchase some TimBits!

The view of Montreal from the St. Lawrence Seaway!

We originally had planned on going to St. Catherine's Street and walking around, but we had been informed by the Border Patrol that the Jazz Festival was going on, so we drove as far as we could down St. Catherine's Street, then headed to a neat architectural park we had seen!

Me and the kiddos

Dan and the kiddos looking out over the industrial part of the city

 Our Family

 Dan and the kiddos "holding" a metal Parthenon above their heads :)

 Then Jack climbed into one of the exhibits maybe 6 feet off the ground.  Dan joined him shortly.  Then Kylie wanted to come up... Dan lifted her in and she freaked out and started sobbing (because she does not like heights)!  Megan was having issues with us looking like "loud, American, picture-taking tourists" already and the next couple of minutes only helped to reinforce that stereotype :)  We tried to calm her down and explain how we could get her back down, but she was kind of frozen and didn't want to move either I started taking pictures of her up there and the local sunbathers were just sitting up and watching us :)

 I made her smile through the other side - then Dan jumped down and got her down.  She was fine - although a bit traumatized.

 I continued taking pics of the kiddos...

 So cute

 Our family

 Megan took one at the bottom of the stairs

 A sign explaining what the park was about and who built it - all in French!

 Our kiddos before leaving the park - and Montreal!

So fun to see the Boulevard from Montreal to Toronto!

We stopped in a fun Produce stand that I had been to with my parents - just to look around for a bit!

Then we stopped at this sweet church on the way home!  Colleen and I had stopped there on our first trip 15 years ago into Montreal - because it's a sweet little church with a cornfield right across from it!

 Dan and I on the front steps

 Me and my Tweeter

 This restaurant is a local favorite right over the boarder in Huntingdon - so we stopped for dinner there!

We ordered Poutine!

And burgers and hot dogs!

And they ate every last bite!

 Then we headed back home to Malone to take Gram out for ice cream!

I love this sign of Frontiere U.S.A.!

Megan, Dan and I got the House Special, while Gram got a Hot Fudge Sundae and Jack and Kylie got Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!